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Portrait of Rock Agama

Here is a portrait I made yesterday of  The Peninsular rock agama (Psammophilus dorsalis) in Nandi Hills, Karnataka.

_DSC6859Rock agama – A portrait

Rock agamas are a common sight here. I found this particular one on the tree basking in sun. A nice head turn by the agama and the spot light/harsh sunlight falling on it gave me the opportunity to get a nice underexposed background.

Hope you like it. Critics and Comments are welcome.



The Rising Star

As I had told before,I trekked Tadiyandamol last weekend.Tadiyandamol,  located at an elevation of 1,748 m (5,735 ft) is the highest mountain of Kodagu district,Karnataka and is also the 3rd highest peak in Karnataka.It is on the Western Ghats range and has patches of shola forests in the valleys.

Tadiyandamol is one of the easiest trek I have done so far and one of the beautiful places I have been.

Rising Star

Morning was extremely windy,I was literally carried away by the wind (now,that’s too much :P) but it was worth every minute .It was amazing to see the clouds envelop the landscape.

Cloud Kissed Mountains


I spotted  Plum headed Parakeet,Shrike,Bulbul’s ,Wagtail and oriental magpie Robin in the lower range and what’s  worth mentioning is Common Kestrel .Saw this at the top most point , it was amazing to see it hovering against strong winds.

Hope you like it .Comments, critiques and suggestions are welcome.

Have a good Day 🙂

Note: The last pic is not from Tadiyandamol.


Patterns 1

Patterns are present all around you ,all you need to do is recognize and enjoy them.

This was on last sunday morning trip to Hessarghatta. We (myself ,Dr Shekar and his friend Shivkumar) reached the place around 6.30 in the morning but to our bad luck it started raining and it poured heavily for a while. After  the  rain  stopped (around 8.30 ), we had some good sightings among which Short toed Snake Eagle, Marsh Harrier, Common Kestrel were first timers for me. Got few good shots,will post it soon.

Can you guess what are these ?

Its a very easy guess. Let me know what you think. I will answer  in my next post (am sure you will guess before that!)


Black Kite (Milvus milgrans)

Black Kite ( Milvus milgrans ) is a medium-sized common raptor and a widespread resident in India,often found around human habitation.They are distinguished by their forked tail and  call.They can be seen soaring and gliding in thermals in search of food.

Black Kite on Mound

Taking a Dump

Starring Kite

They are  more scavengers than hunters.Other birds are often chased away by mobbing Black kites (I have seen them attack Indian Roller and Common Kestrel).

Here is the link for my earlier post on Black kite.

All comments, critiques and suggestions are welcome.


Spotted Dove(Spilopelia chinensis)

Spotted Dove (Spilopelia chinensis) is one of the most common species of dove found across India.It is pinkish brown bird with grey upper parts with a typical black and white spotted patch on their nape are very shy and peace-loving birds.

Spotted Dove


Common Langur / Gray Langur

Common / Gray  langurs or Hanuman langurs, the most widespread residents of Indian forests, are a group of old world monkeys  constituting the entirety of the genus Semnopithecus.

It was in  Bandipur, around 4’o clock in the evening and our safari was scheduled around 5 pm, having an hours time , I decided to walk around  and look for some birds around the  reception area. I  spotted a group of  Common/ Gray Langurs and  spotted deers and made a few decent images of  langur’s.

Monkey’s and Elephant’s are  my favorite  subjects to photograph. You wont get bored with  it, even if you sit in front of it for days together.


I have taken photos of the mother looking at the baby , baby playing with mother , which are all quite common but I chose this image for back-lit effect on mother face  and of course baby. The mother initially didn’t allow me closer to it, it used run away from  but then I sat in front of it for almost half an hour and then I could go little closer to it. This baby was a naughty one and did all sorts of faces to me 😛

In Safe Hand’s

Evening lights are beautiful, sometimes I feel that ,its important to photograph the light on the subject than the subject.

Watchful Trio

Gray Langur monkey’s  have superior eyesight and ability to sit atop high trees  which allows it to spot predators easily.It is also known as cheetal deer’s best friend.

Please click on pictures to see full view. All photos taken with Nikon D40 with 70 -300 lens, manual focus , in Bandipur national park.

Good night folks 🙂


Brahminy Kite(Haliastur indus)

Brahminy Kite ( Haliastur indus) is one of the common medium -sized raptor(48cm).They are more scavengers than hunters as these birds have taken to stealing and scavenging than killing. However they do hunt small prey like fish,crabs,frogs, insects etc

It is a resident in India ( they are sedentary and do not migrate ),it is considered as the representation of GARUDA,the sacred bird of Lord Vishnu.

Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus)

Its head,neck and breast are white with rest of its body bright chest nut and primaries tipped black and the legs are short and not feathered,the eye is dark and yellow colored bill is strongly hooked. It has long broad rounded wings ,short and rounded tail when fanned.

                                                                                                                                                                                       In Flight

The call of the Brahminy Kite is a thin mewing scream ‘kweeaa’ or ‘kyeeer’ usually while soaring.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Flight 2

All 3 photos were taken with Nikon D40,Nikkor 70-300 non VR lens , MF

I  saw them eating while flying and stealing!!! I even clicked those moments but it did not come well.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Good Night 🙂


Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst!!!!!

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst. – Henri Cartier-Bresson 

How true is that?? Atleast in my case its very true. No, I haven’t sat and counted my photographs but I have been photographing regularly from past 3 – 4 months. The first few days I struggled with handling problem as I used to shake the camera unknowingly . Followed by focusing problem since I don’t have a auto focus lens. Sometimes I got carried away and ruined picture perfect shots. I guess we all get enticed by the beauty of nature and fail to capture such shots. Sigh! Last but not the least, I used to be overconfident (carelessness I must say) about camera settings and have ruined many images!!!!

You must be wondering why am I listing out all my blunders out here!!

Well that’s cause I was going through the images that I would like to upload (about a month ago) and found all of the above listed imperfections. But one good thing about all these mistakes is that I realized what went wrong and I will not be repeating it again. Learning from my mistakes you see :D. But the good news is not all the pictures clicked by me in these 3 – 4 months are an eye sore. Stay tuned folks. I will be uploading them one by one starting from today. I hope you guys like it 🙂

My First Post

Hi Every one, this is my first post. 🙂

Here I will be posting the photographs taken during my excursions to  spread awareness about various species of just about everything I run into.

 All comments, critiques and suggestions are welcome.

Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them!:)