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What A day !!!!

With salary still not being Credited (which means little or no money left with me ), I had only one place to choose for this weekend, that is my house in Shathigrama. And to my luck?? It  was a good a choice.

I left Bangalore around 9pm on Friday,reached here around 2 Am on  Saturday morning!!! ( Thanks to the  rains and long break in between) . Saturday morning was gone as I got up really late (especially for bird watching 😦  )  , evening session was good, I got a good shots of Pied Kingfisher, Common Kingfisher . Today was the best day , here goes the bird list for the day

Green bee eater ( I don’t know if this likes me but I see this whenever I come here, saw this yesterday too 🙂 ),Pied KF , Common KF ,White cheeked barbet ,Indian peafowl,Pheasant tailed jacana,Black headed munia,Scaly breasted munia,Baya weaver bird,Flame back woodpecker ( Couldn’t see properly but have a record shot ),Little cormorant,Yellow billed babbler,Red whiskered bulbul,Red vented bulbul,Ashy prinia,Spotted Dove,Laughing Dove,Brahminy kite,Egret,Painted Stork,Black Winged Stilt ,Red wattled lapwing ,Purple Swamphen,Common coot,Ibis and lot of other birds.

I was  truly spoilt for choice  as I did not know what to click,  couldn’t get the shot of everything  I saw, but made few good images .


GOOD NEWS – My father , who was not that happy with me going around with camera has started liking my photos. He had even arranged a vehicle for me to go around the village :).

After this  he said , if you  had shown half the interest which you are showing towards this , you would have finished Engineering with DISTINCTION!!!! (Its been almost a year since I passed of BE but he is still thinking about my BE percentage 🙂 )